National Portrait Gallery – Platinum Print Editions

March 3, 2014

For the first time the National Portrait Gallery is making available some of its most treasured and iconic images from its collection as limited edition platinum prints. Created from the original negatives and glass plates, all the fine details and subtleties have been faithfully reproduced.

Our studio, under its imprint ‘Platinum Print Editions’ has co-published the first in a series of platinum prints to be made available in close collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery. Established in 1856 as the world ‘s first portriat gallery, it has in its archives more than 220,000 original photographic images with around 130,000 being original negatives and glass plates.

Launching the series and coinciding with the exhibition ‘The Great War in Portraits’ are two portraits of Rupert Brooke, the famous war poet of the First World War. Photographed by Sherril Schell in 1913 they are the most iconic images of Brooke who tragically died two years after they were taken.

The platinum prints are available as individual prints in an edition of 20 and as a Collectors set in an edition of 10. The Collectors set includes both portraits presented in a hand made portfolio with the complete six verse poem ‘1914’ written by Rupert Brooke enclosed. Each print is numbered and authenticated with the National Portrait Gallery & Platinum Print Editions stamp on the verso. No further editions will be printed.

Below ilustrates the layout of the Collectors set.


collectors 1









To purchase the Collectors set and individual prints click here or for further information please email

Information regarding the next series of platinum prints to be published with the National Portrait Gallery will feature in upcoming posts.

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