Studio Update (June 2013)

June 27, 2013

The last month has been a busy one again, working with new artists as well as existing clients & galleries,some of which will be highlighted in upcoming posts. In addition we have been carrying out in depth testing of a new digital negative system that offers higher resolution digital negatives with greater tonal separation than was possible before,utilising a system that incorporates the use of 8 installed black inks compared to other current systems that incorporate 2 or 3.

Ink density equivalents between Piezography K7 and Epson K3 inks


The placement of various shades of Piezography black ink creating higher resolution positives & negatives with greater tonal seperation

The inks we have been testing are a new set created by master printmaker Jon Cone that allow the user to create both positive and negative black and white images on transparency film without the need to swap out inks which had previously been the case. The full review will be published next month. In the mean time if you wish to learn more visit the following :

 Piezography Digital Negative System

 Piezography resolution comparison to Epson ABW



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