Imogen Cunningham: Symbolist

May 30, 2013

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Recently announced is a new publication by 21st Editions entitled ‘Imogen Cunningham: Symbolist‘ with poetry and Prose by William Morris. This is the second book in the trilogy on one of the most important women in the history of photography. I am looking forward to viewing a copy as it is being printed in gum arabic and platinum by my good friend Stan Klimek.

 The components of Imogen Cunningham: Symbolist, include:

 * 3 loose Imogen Cunningham Estate prints (shown above): Veiled Woman, 1910; The Dream, 1910;  and The Wood Beyond the World, 1910 each printed at approximately 9 1/2 x 12 inches with the Imogen Cunningham chop and Estate stamp.

 * 10 bound Imogen Cunningham Estate Prints printed in gum arabic and platinum of Cunningham’s early Symbolist work (1905-1915), as shown below. These prints will also include the chop and Estate stamp.

 * 1 frontispiece nude self-portrait of Imogen Cunningham.

 * Poetry and Prose by William Morris, with an introductory note by John Wood, printed letterpress on handmade Twinrocker paper.

 * Hand-bound by master binder Sarah Creighton


 From John Wood’s Introductory Note:

“Cunningham’s work became more “Modernist” in appearance with the passage of time; however, that was not where it began. Her first major work was a powerful series of photographs inspired, she claimed, by Morris’s writings. They arose out of the Symbolist tradition…

It would be interesting to try to guess which of Morris’s poems inspired the individual Symbolist photographs she created, but it would only be guess-work. As someone who has long studied and written about Symbolist and Pictorialist photography, I tend to think—or guess— it was not so much individual poems that were the inspiration as it was their feel and sensibility, the fading perfumes of an old century.”

 Contact 21st Editions for further details at

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