Permajet Transparency Film Preview

January 24, 2013

Digital negative creation plays a critical role in achieving a finely crafted platinum print in the 21st Century, as such identifying the best transparency film for ones negative output device is important.  I was recently asked by Permajet to test their new sheet fed transparency film against Pictorico film, the market leader, using the most advanced digital negative creation software currently available including Qtr rip and Precision Digital Negatives (PDN), both applications I use on a regular basis.

I have been disappointed with previous formulations of Permajet sheet film with ink flooding, head strikes and film curl being some of the nagging problems I encounted, however initial findings with the new formulation have been positive and these issues seemed to have been addressed with the performance and rendition of fine detail up there with Pictorico, indeed the base fog value of the Permajet film is the lowest of all compared.


New Formulation Transparency Film from Permajet

The transparency film tests will be conducted on large format Epson printers as I have found them to be the most advanced and reliable for creating digital negatives over the last ten years aswell as there being an extensive user base.The alternatives that I have tested from other manufactures such as Hewlett Packard with the accompanying digital negative module released 2 years ago are poor performers in comparison and are very much redundant with no support for the negative module from the manufacturer and a handful of people using their negative system in the world, in addition the creator of the module no longer uses the system as such there will not be any future updates. From a technical standpoint the HP digital negative module forces the printer to use 2 inks to create a negative image onto transparency film and more often than not its just one and there no way of altering/configuring this. This was similar to what we were doing to create negatives 7-8 years ago and is far from ideal. When compared to the latest Epson large format printers using Qtr and PDN, which are highly configurable and use up to 7 inks for increased printing resolution, there is simply no contest. I shall post a more detailed review of the Permajet film once I have completed all my tests.

3 Responses to “Permajet Transparency Film Preview”

  1. simon0252 Says:

    I hope this film is an improvement on the old which I found to be unsuitable for platinum printing. I use Agfa CopyJet or Pictorico film which produces excellent results.

    • David Chow Says:

      Hi Steve

      How do you find the sheet fed Agfa Copyjet in respect of film curl? I purchased some A2 size Agfa film recently to test and found that it has a tendency to curl leading to head strikes.

      The new formulation Permajet film lies absolutely flat and when used with Epson printers the film size is identified correctly which I have found to be a problem with some films. On the data sheet of the new formulation Permajet film it mentions that its anti-static which I have not seen on Pictorico film or Agfa packaging which may be resolving this problem.

  2. simon0252 Says:

    Hi David,

    Agfa CopyJet does curl, which can be a problem, but I find if I curl it the opposite way for a couple of minutes before printing it can be made to lie flat. The new Permajet sounds very good – looking forward to your more detailed review.

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