Stan Klimek Studio

December 4, 2012

My good friend Stan Klimek has set up his new platinum printing studio in Pittsburgh having recently moved from Arizona. Stan and I have worked on a few printing projects together and I have to say he is one of the finest platinum printers currently working in the world today. He has worked with many important photographers over the years printing some of the most iconic images from the 20th & 21st Century in platinum. He will feature in a series of upcoming posts on the leading platinum printers currently working in the U.S and Europe today.

In the mean time here are some shots of his new studio, just about the perfect amount of space for editioning, he should know, one of his book projects with 21st Editions involved the printing of over 1400 platinum prints!







To learn more about him and his studio visit

2 Responses to “Stan Klimek Studio”

  1. rfotofolio Says:

    What a great space. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Mark Berry Says:

    Wow! Serious Studio Envy here! 🙂
    Beautiful and spacious.

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