Latest Platinum Prints

May 21, 2012

Recently I have been working with a number of talented photographic artists including Stefen Milev and Mark Phelan. All their images have translated really well into the platinum printing process. Below shows a small selection of some of the platinum/palladium prints the studio has created (All are scanned from the original prints).

De Monocerote 2011,Stefan Milev,Platinum/Palladium Print

De Monocerote (Detail) 2011, Stefan Milev, Platinum Palladium Print

Dune,2011,Stefan Milev, Platinum/Palladium Print

Milev, first and foremost is recognized as a pictorialist and continues the tradition of Fine Art photographers from the early 19th Century such as Alvin Langdon Coburn and George Seeley.He displays a highly artistic photographic identity towards the relationship between the modeland his very personal technique of painting with light. The final prints have a luminosity to them that is hard to portray online.

Learning the Koran in war torn Somalia 2006,Mark Pearson,Platinum Palladium Print

Earthquake survivors in Northern Pakistan, 2005,Mark Pearson,Platinum Palladium Print

Mark Pearson is a Scottish photographer who works in natural disasters and conflict environments. His images are quite extraordinary and visually powerful. We are working on a number of additional images that I will post when they are complete.

3 Responses to “Latest Platinum Prints”

  1. rfotofolio Says:

    Very beautiful tonal range. Nice to see classic photography. Your collaboration with the photographers is spot on.

  2. John Phelan Says:

    Super Prints David!

  3. David Chow Says:

    Thanks for your comments, it was a pleasure working with such talented photographers.

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