Imogen Cunningham: Platinum / Palladium

March 6, 2012

Announced today is the latest 21st Editions title, Imogen Cunningham: Platinum / Palladium, published under the auspices of The Imogen Cunningham Trust.  I like many others and been influenced and inspired by her work over the years, this book sounds wonderful and knowing first hand how much passion, care and attention goes into creating these fine original print publications I very much look forward to seeing this book in person at some stage. Priced at $8500 and limited to just 35 copies with only 20 for sale this title will sell out quickly. For those parties interested in this unique book email to reserve a copy.

The components of this new title include :

1 ORIGINAL VINTAGE SILVER PRINT from Cunningham’s personal collection of family photographs (album size) taken and printed by Imogen Cunningham.  These will be randomly selected from a group of images chosen by Meg Partridge, Director of the Trust. ­

MAGNOLIA BLOSSOM, TWO CALLAS, and AGAVE DESIGN 1:  3 loose free-standing 11×14 inch (a first for the Trust) palladium prints from the original negatives printed and signed by Joshua Partridge, master printer and the grandson of Imogen Cunningham. These are the only estate prints Joshua has ever printed and will ever print.

9 bound masterful platinum prints of iconic and defining images printed from Cunningham’s original negatives.

1 bound platinum frontispiece portrait of Cunningham taken by master photographer Rondal Partridge, her son.

1 free-standing platinum print, archivally matted and overmatted, printed directly from Cunningham’s original early glass plate negatives by Rondal Partridge in the 1980’s and 1990’s. These will be randomly selected from a group of images chosen by Meg Partridge, Director of the Trust. ­

Introduction by Meg and Betsy Partridge and excerpts from an interview with Cunningham conducted by Rondal Partridge.

Academy Award nominated documentary, Portrait of Imogen, by Meg Partridge, Director of the Imogen Cunningham Trust.

Printed in letterpress and hand-bound by master binder Sarah Creighton.

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